Dr. Edwina LeMay


In-Home Services

I am a mobile hospice veterinarian specializing in compassionate in-home pet hospice and euthanasia. I am available for unlimited phone consultations anytime to help you navigate through the difficult end-of-life decisions for your pet.   I can also schedule a visit to your home for an assessment of your pet and consultation in person to discuss any hospice needs or just to help in decision making.


 Anytime, often same day.  My last appointments are usually around 5-6pm while my children are small, but I hope to increase evening hours at some point. A prompt response is always my goal. An evening phone call may be returned the following morning. Most times, evening text and emails are easier for me to respond. 

Service area:

 Kentucky– Jefferson County and portions of surrounding counties. Indiana– Clark County and portions of surrounding counties.

Options for your family:


I can visit your home to assess and exam your pet and discuss any pain management, nutrition, environmental changes, or fluid management that may bring your pet some comfort in their last days and months.

In-home Euthanasia

Your pet will remain with you for private burial or your own arrangements for cremation.  (please check your local ordinances for some things to consider prior to burial).

In-home Euthanasia with Communal Cremation

I will lovingly transport your pet to our local crematorium. Your pet will be cremated with other pets and their ashes respectfully scattered on a family owned farm north of Louisville.

In-home Euthanasia with Semi-Private Cremation
In-home Euthanasia with Private Cremation

I will lovingly transport your pet to our local crematorium. Your pets individual ashes rest in a lovely carved wooden urn and will be delivered personally by me or can always be picked up at Borden Pet Crematory and Memorial Center. Additional urn and jewelry options are available or there will be a catalog available at the visit.


 With this selection, your pet is one of two during the cremation. The smallest pet is placed into a stainless steel cremation pan, which is designed to keep the pets separate from one another. This process ensures that your pets ashes are definitely yours and saves energy.  This option is limited to pets 25 pounds and under.


 With this selection, your pet alone is placed into the cremation chamber with no others.


 Arrangements made prior to my arrival. I gladly accept check, cash, and most credit cards. Please call for fees as this varies by size of pet and distance traveled.  Payment arrangements can be made, if necessary.


   For those families that enjoy keepsakes, like myself, I can offer a clay paw print with your pets name and date.  Some families also like to keep a lock of hair which I would be happy to help with.  In addition, I welcome any pictures and stories of your pet to place on my website Tribute page or to my Facebook page.  There are many options for urns, cremation jewelry, markers for your garden/burial site, frames, etc. that I would be happy to discuss further with you.