Dr LeMay,

We wanted to thank you again for your passionate desire to do what you do…

Jack was with us almost 13 years and the past few have been under your care.  Everyone hates losing a family member, and it is certainly difficult to imagine not coming home to his awesome greetings.  However, the way you helped us during this entire process set our minds at ease that we were doing everything we could to make sure he was receiving the quality of care and concern that he deserved.  From our frantic text messages when something would terrify us, to the final call we made to you today, we have always felt like you shared our ultimate concern for Jack and his well being.  We will continue to grieve our loss for many years to come but know in our hearts that Jack was rewarded for being such a wonderful, loving, boy by the dignity and respect you helped us show him when the time came.

Thanks for all you do…
Keith, Kristy, Keigan, and Kyley Fetz


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Dr. Edwina LeMay